Backyard Squirrel Maze 2.0- The Walnut Heist

Squirrels, with their bushy tails and nimble acrobatics, have long fascinated and entertained observers in both urban and natural environments. Beyond their playful antics, squirrels possess remarkable...

Year 2050, humanity's dreams of space colonization timelapse (2052 - 2301+)

In the year 2050, humanity's dreams of space colonization began to take shape. Advancements in technology and a renewed focus on space exploration propelled us into an era of unprecedented ...

Over the Waves - Chevrolet Suspension (1938)

Automotive suspension technology underwent significant advancements in the year 1938, revolutionizing the driving experience. Engineers and designers tirelessly sought ways to improve vehicle stability, comfort, and handling on the increasingly diverse road surfaces of the time.

Electric Cars Won't Change Anything, Here's Why

The advent of electric cars has sparked a transformative shift in automotive technology, challenging the long-standing dominance of combustion engine vehicles. Electric cars harness the power of electricity to drive their wheels, offering several advantages over traditional combustion engine cars.

The Fastest Animals Are Way Faster Than You Think

The animal kingdom is home to an array of incredibly fast creatures, each adapted to traverse their environments with astonishing speed and agility. These speedsters have evolved unique physical attributes and behaviors to outpace their prey or predators.

How gravity batteries could change the world

Gravity batteries, a promising technology in the field of renewable energy storage, offer a unique approach to storing and releasing electricity. These innovative systems harness...

Why is this Propeller Getting So Much Attention?

The new toroidal propeller is a cutting-edge development in propulsion technology, offering enhanced efficiency and performance compared to traditional propeller designs. Inspired by the natural form of a torus, or doughnut shape, these innovative propellers have the potential to revolutionize various marine and aerospace applications.

These animals are also plants … wait, what? - Luka Seamus Wright

Animals that are also plants represent a fascinating phenomenon in the natural world, blurring the line between the animal and plant kingdoms. These organisms, known as autotrophic animals or mixotrophs, possess the unique ability to both photosynthesize and consume food like typical animals.

AI Learns to Walk ()

AI learning to walk is an exciting and challenging frontier in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics. Mimicking the process of human or animal locomotion, researchers have been developing algorithms and techniques to teach AI systems how to navigate and walk autonomously.